Join us June 6th, 2019 at 6PM for the annual garden party at the award-winning Rouge Restaurant.
This event is always a fun evening of delicious food, drinks, live and silent auction, raffles, and live entertainment.

Since inception, we have raised over $300,000, with all proceeds from the event going to Kids Cancer Care and Camp Kindle; a portion of the ticket purchase, plus generous support from Rouge Restaurant covers the operating expenses.

If you are unable to attend, please consider donating, to help us reach of our goal of raising another $60,000 this year, and making a real difference in these kids’ lives.
* A $100 tax receipt is given for each ticket purchased. Tax receipts are given for donations [over $10].

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Tour for Kids

At any given time, ten thousand Canadian children are on the journey through cancer.

Tour for Kids is fundraising event benefiting Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children living with and beyond cancer.This annual sell out event, held in July, hosts a 3-day, all-inclusive, bicycle tour through the Canadian Rockies. In return for the opportunity to ride 100km to 200km per day, over 125 cyclists are required to raise donations on behalf of Kids Cancer Care.

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Book early, tickets sell out every year.

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Team Rouge

Please join this dynamic Team as they continue to raise money to help children and their families living with this disease.

The passion for this ride runs deep for Jeff and Olivier. In 2009, they met at the start-line of the Enbridge Ride to conquer Cancer. By the end of the day, they had shared many stories of loss due to cancer. This ride was just the beginning. Many rides and years later and within that time, they lost their mothers, a father and a spouse. They and members of Team Rouge are passionate about raising money to help others affected by this disease. To date Team Rouge has raised over $300,000 for camp kindle. This year with the help of Team Rouge members Leon Giroux, Craig Bean, Jeff Wyndham, Preet Jasal, Priya and Olivier Reynaud, Connor Batchelor, Megan Lester, Stephen Carleton, Martin and Katrina Vetter, Bridget Harris, and Fabio de Nardis they hope to raise more.

Martin Vetter


Martin has been an avid recreational rider for years, enjoying time on both mountain and road bikes. Riding with Team Rouge last year, and seeing how our fundraising helps Kids Cancer Care and Camp Kindle support so many kids on their journey through cancer, was a very enlightening experience, and such a reminder to be thankful for what we have. Thanks for your support; together we're making a difference.

Fabio de Nardis


The Tour for Kids has given me an entirely new perspective and appreciation for raising cancer awareness. I have also fallen in love with bike riding along the way. This will be my second TFK ride and I anticipate riding for as long as I am able as the people you meet are all second to none. But what I really want to say is: “Hi i’m Fabio and I’m ready to FIRE UP another Tour for Kids, lets go babaaaaayyyyyyy WOOOOOO!”

Jeff Wyndham


Jeff’s been on his bike every summer since 2009. After losing his mother to cancer in 2004 his motivation became quite simple - to give back and raise awareness. Riding in the Tour For Kids will channel Jeff’s energy into something much greater – helping brave children return to life as regular kids again. Jeff’s looking forward to sharing the road with his team of cyclists (Ride With Rouge), united in their commitment to Kids Cancer Care. Please support him in this powerful and inspiring fundraiser by helping to fund this incredible event.

Stephen Carleton


I'm Stephen. I began this ride in 2016 in memory of Joel Zukowski. Joel was one of my youth and we were golfing minions. He was a spokes kid for Kids Cancer Care in 2013 and endured the battle of fighting Cancer. Joel was 15 when he passed away in October 2015 fighting cancer for the third time. Joel brought love, hope, laughter and joy even in the midst of his continuous battle. Camp Kindle was a sanctuary for Joel and so I continue share that hope by riding for the kids still fighting the battle.

Connor Batchelor


This will be Connor’s 4th ride with the Tour for Kids and he cannot be more excited for this year’s ride. Connor has a passion for supporting his community and joining the Ride with Rouge team has been another way to contribute and help those battling one of the most devastating diseases. “I enjoy the camaraderie and friendship that is shared among our team. Everyone has a story and it is powerful to know that we are all in this together sharing our positivity and helping to pave the way for a brighter future”.

Megan Lester


My boyfriend and his family got me into the Tour for Kids last year. Being my first year riding, I was blown away by how organized the event was and how supportive all of the riders and volunteers were! I love that this program supports children with cancer as well as their families. It improves the quality of life of kids living with cancer and Camp Kindle allows kids to be kids again. Making a difference in people’s lives is a huge part of what I do for a living as a nurse. Being a team member of the Ride with Rouge team further allows me to make a difference in more than just my job.

Olivier Reynaud

Owner of Rouge Restaurant

As hard as it was to lose my first spouse, my dad, and my mom within 3.5 years to cancer, I can’t even imagine losing a child to this awful disease. I started fundraising for cancer in 2009 and joined the Tour for Kids in 2011. In 2012 Jeff Wyndam and I decided to form a team of cyclist and organize a fundraiser at Rouge Restaurant. Ride with Rouge was born and we have since risen over $250000 with the help of our communities and friends.

Priya Reynaud


I attended the very first Ride with Rouge event in 2011. I loved the cause - sending cancer stricken kids and their families to Camp Kindle and have been an active supporter since. It wasn’t until last year that my husband (Olivier) finally convinced me to participate in the Ride. I began training and discovered a new love for cycling! The ride last year was amazing and I will continue to participate for as long as my body is able. I’m hooked!

Leon Giroux


The first year I participated in Team Ride with Rouge, I joined to support my best friend, whose life had been greatly impacted by cancer. Now in my 6th year participating, I take great joy knowing that the efforts of this ride have changed the lives of so many children and families. Positive childhood experiences where children can run free, and play amongst other kids in a safe environment are a crucial part of growing up. Thank you for supporting our team as we strive towards sending as many kids to camp as possible.

Manpreet (Preet) Jassal


I believe that all of us are trying to make the world better in our own way and this is just one little way for me to do something good. I got involved with this great initiative over four years ago to support a friend who had lost his mother to cancer. Over the years, I have come to learn how this initiative is helping children as well as their families affected by cancer. Being involved with all of the people that have supported the initiative as well as our team for our annual fundraiser reassures me that good things are still to come. Thank you for your support.

Bridget Harris


Over the last two years, I have ridden to support those effected by cancer. This is my first year with the Tour for Kids and I'm really looking forward to riding with this team! Riding is not only an amazing experience, but the funds raised through it are supporting children and their families. Whether you donate to support me, to memorialize a lost loved one, to create a better future for the next generations, or for personal reasons, the end goal is a cancer free future. With my bike, my helmet, and your generosity, a real impact will be made!

Craig Bean


Craig has been involved in the sport of cycling and the healthcare industry for over two decades. Being involved with Ride with Rouge for the last five years has created a great connection between his two passions and has allowed him to further fulfill his purpose which is 'facilitating self-worth and assisting people in living their lives with dignity'. Cancer affects so many children on a daily basis and after hearing the incredible stories from kids and parents alike at his first Tour for Kids, Craig has committed to having the Alberta Kids Cancer Foundation and Camp Kindle as his charities of choice. Seeing the smiles on the campers faces despite the extreme challenges they face daily is overwhelmingly precious.


Our Charity

At any given time, ten thousand Canadian children are on the journey through cancer.

The Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta (KCCFA) is a charitable organization that helps build bridges of hope and pillars of support for families fighting childhood cancer. The Foundation helps Alberta children and families by providing funding and programs in four areas: Camp & Community, Pediatric Oncology Research, Clinical Support and the Derek Wandzura Memorial Scholarship Fund. Our work is guided by the following vision and mission:

  • A cure for every child, care for every family.
  • Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta is passionately dedicated to helping young people affected by cancer and their families survive and thrive in body, mind and spirit.

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Fundraiser Event Details
Thursday, June 6th, 2019 at 6PM


Rouge Restaurant

Built in 1891, and the former home of A.E. Cross, one of The Big Four, The Cross House is a designated Calgary Municipal and Province of Alberta Heritage site. The house is nested on the banks of The Bow River in the beautiful and historic community of Inglewood.



Beesley continues to be an active member of the city – ‘deemed the voice of Calgary’ he hosts more than 100 events a year from The Calgary Flames, Spruce Meadows, The Calgary Stampede, Bridal Fantasy, Fort Calgary Concerts and SAIT functions. In addition, he has devoted over 30 years to local charities such as Dreams Take Flight, Cystic Fibrosis, Helping Families Handle Cancer, Children’s Hospital wheelchair game, Calgary Flames Reading Give it a Shot, The Mayor’s Food Bank Drive and Special Olympics Calgary.


Atsushi Ono

Born in 1979 in Kyoto, Japan. Atsushi Ono first became fascinated by magic as an elementary school student after seeing magic performed on television. He practiced alone for years until a chance encounter in 2002: while studying in the United States he met professional magicians Tom Frank and Tobias Pashia, who invited Atsushi to study under them. This mentoring forever changed his approach to magic - an approach which, along with an almost fanatical dedication to his art, has not only earned him awards and the respect of his magic colleagues, but also made him one of the most entertaining, funny and - yes- magical performers you will ever see.


Lynne Harrison

LL Harrison, Colour Alchemist has been a Canmore resident for 16 years. Having hosted solo shows, Lynne has also been Resident Artist numerous times at Num-ti-jah Lodge at beautiful Bow Lake, Mica Heli (Revelstoke BC), and painted at Canmore Alberta’s TEDX. You can find a multitude of Lynne’s colourful works on Main Street in Canmore at her Gallery Silver Tree Studio. Her work can also be found at Effusion Gallery in Invermere BC and at the new “LE CARRÉ D'ARTISTES Galerie d’Art” in Griffin Town, Montreal.


Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi!

This year, we are pleased to announce that we will have live entertainment for the legendary Aussie Rules Piano Bar. Aussie Rules opened in the fall of 2002 with the mission of providing the very best entertainment Calgary has to offer. Aussie Rules has since changed the perception of ‘piano bars’ forever by combining comedic shtick with great party songs that everyone knows and loves. This year, you’ll hear songs you remember from the 60’s to the present, from country to rock and even some of today’s hip hop and R&B hits. Stand up, Sing loud, and prepare yourself for an incredible night!



Stay tuned for an announcement.

The event is on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 at 6pm.
Silent auction closes at 9:00pm.
Live auction starts at 8:30pm.

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Why We Ride

Meet Our 2019 Kids Cancer Care Spokeskid Ryane

I may look like a normal, active 15-year-old teenager, but I am not. When I was three, I was diagnosed with Wilms tumour, a type of kidney cancer. After surgery, which left me with one less kidney, I went through seven rounds of radiation and nine months of constant chemotherapy. Because I was so young, the chemotherapy interfered with my growth and development, causing serious problems — a heart condition and a learning disability. So while I’m 11 years off treatment and considered cancer-free, I still live with the side effects of cancer every single day. I will live with these conditions the rest of my life.

That’s where Kids Cancer Care comes in. Kids Cancer Care helps kids like me to lead a normal life in spite of cancer. Their programs show us that cancer doesn’t always get the final word. My family has been involved with Kids Cancer Care for many years and I feel like I’ve been going to cancer camp my whole life. At our very first Family Camp, I met my camp BFF Maddie (she’s the one in the picture with me). I was four and Maddie was five and we were inseparable from the first minute we met. That weekend, our families’ rooms were right next to each other, so Maddie and I talked through a hole in the wall — all night long.

We’ve been going to camp ever since. Both of our families have stayed involved with Kids Cancer Care and we feel a strong commitment to this amazing organization and community. That’s why I’m the 2019 Kids Cancer Care spokeskid and I’m volunteering through their Teen Leadership Program. Helping other kids with cancer helps me to make sense of my own cancer journey and it gives me hope for all of us. As they say, “Cancer may have started the fight, but I have finished it.” In my mind, we do this, by fighting back for all kids. Will you join our fight?

The Experience


The Canadian Rockies are heralded as one of the most scenic parts of the world. We get to ride for on these amazing roads, many of which are very strenuous and challenging and all the while knowing that the discomfort that we feel pales in comparison to what the kids we ride for go through on a daily basis.


Warm wind at your back, sun on your face, beautiful mountains to look at, great exercise and amazing camaraderie. Now that is freedom!!


It is our hope that every child that has the opportunity to attend Camp Kindle will have an incredible experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


125 riders all riding for one purpose. Strangers on Friday, great friends by Sunday! COME RIDE WITH US!


Tour for Kids is like summer camp for adults.

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